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AEG MP-40 Overlord WW2 Serie

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100% finish and assembly in France by BO Manufacture gunsmiths. This airsoft gun is hand made.

We launch our Overlord WW2 series to celebrate D-Day 's 75th anniversary.

Full Steel airsoft replica, same as FXO factory 


Technical Product Information
  • Hop-up : adjustable
  • Blowback (mobile slide)
  • Full Steel :  sand, bluing, patinate and fully assembled in France, piece by piece
  • Unique Serial number (same as FXO Factory) engraved (handmade, hit)
  • Hi-torque motor
  • 8 mm balls bearings
  • Used style bakelite grips (hand made patting and treatment)
  • Steel folding stock
  • Full auto only
  • Weight 3190 g
  • energy : 1.0 joule
  • Battery : mini type 8,4V
  • Magazine : 110 ads mid cap metal mag (x1)
  • Come with no battery and no chargeur
  • Full steel construction, except external barrel made in aluminium, and slide made in Zamac

Original product is made by SRC. To save cost and to follow our eco-friendly thinking, we re-use original packaging.

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