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Replica FABARM STF / 12 Short Initial spring 3 shots 0,8j

MSRP : 74.00 € incl. tax

STF12-11 Short spring 3 bbs

New 3 shots Shotgun licensed by FABARM SpA, Italy

The STF/12 is the best shotgun in its class . Thanks to unique high-end features, performances and a firmly modern look, this is the shotgun of choice for growing military, Law Enforcement and shooting sports enthusiasts worldwide. The Airsoft replica makes no difference and follows the same path to make it the new reference in 3 shots airsoft shotgun

Designed and developed from scratch by the BO Manufacture team, this replica offers the best in accuracy and shooting consistency and a yet extremely compact design.

You will live the incredibly genuine feeling of this STF12 thanks to high-density ABS materials matched to the anodized metal barrel.

This fixed stock version of the STF/12 features a 11" metal barrel, LPA type rear and front sights ( opic fiber), Picatinny rails, 30 bbs cartridge (3 shots at a time)




Technical Product Information

Designed and developed from A to Z by BO Manufacture's teams and the manufacturing plant, this replica is more faithful than ever!

Its high-density ABS design, its tried-and-tested interior, and anodized metal barrel give it an incredibly faithful finish.

The STF12-11 version comes in 11-inch long barrel with fixed buttstock. LPA type optical organs (optical fibers), Picatinny mounting rails, 30-ball magazines that provide 10 shots (3 balls per shot).

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