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Airsoft Revolver Chiappa Rhino 60DS GOLD 18K 1J limited Edition

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Revolver BO Manufacture under official license Chiappa Firearms, 1500 pieces limited edition

World premiere! This brand new model has been developed by engineers from Chiappa Firearms (Italy), BO Manufacture (France) and Wingun (Taiwan) to offer you the most realistic replica possible.

  • Metal body and barrel, 18K gold plated
  • Imitation wood grip with integrated CO2 key
  • Official markings "RHINO 60DS .357 MAGNUM"
  • Single and double action - Arming by the active dog
  • Barrel: rotary 6 sockets (metal) of 1 shots.
  • Internal barrel: 6.08 x 127mm
  • Operation: 1 capsule of CO2 12 grams
  • Autonomy: 100 shots with 1 capsule of CO2 12 grams
Technical Product Information

Made in Taiwan by Wingun, assembled in Italy in the Chiappa Firearms factory in Brescia, this limited series is distinguished by these optical fiber sights from the firearm, its sight adjustment key from the weapon barrel protection from the firearm, its moon clip from the firearm, its moon clip key from the firearm, all delivered in a rigid Chiappa Rhino case, with a Rhino collector patch. Its grip is specially designed for this special series, with a gray / black imitation wood finish of the most beautiful effect.


  • Metal body
  • Metal barrel
  • Exclusive gray / black imitation wood grip with integrated Co2 key
  • Official markings "RHINO 50DS .357 MAGNUM" "1 out of 1500"
  • Chiappa Rhino official logo
  • Unique serial number
  • Single and double action
  • Safety flag active (works like the real one: in simple action, the flag is raised! Each time the trigger is pressed, the flag is raised)
  • Arming by active dog
  • Lower 5-slot Picatinny mounting rail (length 50mm)
  • Hop-up: adjustable
  • Charger: 6 sockets (metal) of 1 shots.
  • Internal barrel: 6.08 x 147mm
  • Barrel: rotary
  • Active barrel lock pedal (like the real one)
  • Sights: fixed fiber optic sight (real Rhino), fiber optic sight adjustable in height and windage (real Rhino).
  • Operation: 1 capsule of Co2 12 grams
  • Autonomy: 100 shots with 1 capsule of Co2 12 grams
  • Supplied in a hard case with pre-cut foams
  • Included: 1 patch, 1 barrel protection, 1 sight adjustment key, 1 moon clip, 1 certificate of authenticity
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