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Ref. PB301

BO Manufacture The Black Ops Soul Flat pellets Cal. 4.5 mm

MSRP : 5.50 € incl. tax
min. July 30, 2021

Best value for money on the market!

Flat head for target shooting, Wad Cutter profile for round impacts and well cut in cardboard targets.

The profile of flat heads is the one used by all competitors in air blasting. This is the profile that gives both the most straight and regular trajectories while ensuring a perfect cut of the UIT target in cardboard.

10m shooters at the Olympic Games use flat shots!

BO Black Ops Soul Leads 4,5 mm. - flat head

Diabolos for rifle and air pistol, pistol and CO2 revolver.

Technical Product Information

Characteristics :

  • Caliber: 4.5 mm. (177)
  • Weight: 0.49 g.
  • Grains: 7.56 gr.
  • Packaging: box of 500 diabolos.
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BO Manufacture

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